اقتصادية الشارقة تنظم حملات للتأكد من الالتزام بالعقد الموحد لخدمات الأفراح


نظمت دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية في الشارقة حملات توعوية لمحلات خدمات الأفراح وذلك للتعريف والتأكيد على التزام المنشآت الاقتصادية بالعقد الموحد لخدمات الأفراح، والذي يضمن حقوق كل الأطراف في عملية البيع، ويحقق أفضل الشروط الممكنة من أجل إتمام عملية بيع واضحة وشفافة، وذلك بتوضيح جميع تفاصيل خدمات الأفراح وتحديدها سواء باستخدام النماذج أو القياسات أو الألوان، وفي حال وجد أي تعديل على البند يجب كتابة التعديل والتوقيع عليه من قبل الطرفين.

Coinciding with Eid Al Fitr

SEDD conducts Inspection Campaigns on Beauty Centers



Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” conducted number of inspection campaigns on the emirate’s beauty centers and saloons in order to ensure their commitment to the approved laws and regulations as well as the prices in the price lists permitted by the Department. Such campaigns are organized to ensure the safety of markets especially with the Eid Al Fitr occasion.

Ranged from Car Spar Parts and Accessories

SEDD Seizes more than 30 Thousand Counterfeit Pieces


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” and confiscated counterfeit goods including 24634 air bag covers, 5508 emblems for automobile companies and 44 front headers for cars, with a total of confiscated goods valued at AED 65810. This seizure comes in response to the complaint of the trademark owners and within the efforts of Department to monitor the markets and confront all negative phenomena and violations of the laws thus to ensure that the markets of the emirate are free of harmful goods.

SEDD seizes 129 Violated Gas Cylinders 


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” seized 129 gas cylinders, 97 of which are in violation of the laws, 22 expired gas cylinders and 10 cylinders of gas from an unauthorized location as part of their plans to preserve the intellectual property of trademarks. Such thing falls within SEDD efforts to apply the Executive Council Resolution No. 22 of 2010 regarding the manufacture, packaging and circulation of gas cylinders in the Emirate Sharjah. Also, it is done as part of SEDD’s efforts to control markets, face all negative phenomena and violations of laws, and to reduce the damage to public security, public health and the environment in the markets of the emirate. Likely, it is done as part of the periodic control campaigns carried out by SEDD’s commercial officers on commercial establishments in different regions of the Emirate of Sharjah.

Varied from detergents, disinfectants and packaging tools

SEDD seizes 12082 Thousand Counterfeit Product


After receiving complaints from owners of famous trademarks about the presence many counterfeit products in two warehouses in Saja’a, Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” cooperated with Sharjah Police Headquarters to seize such product. The number of such products reached more than 12 thousand pieces including 6,015 household detergents and disinfectants, and 8,927 pieces of labels, empty boxes, boxes of well-known brands, disinfectant packaging machines and labeling machines. The total value of the seized goods was estimated at 23477. This seizure comes within SEDD’s efforts to monitor the markets and confront all negative phenomena and violations of the laws. Also, it falls within the Department concerns to ensure that the markets of the emirate are free from harmful goods.

SEDD intensifies Campaigns on Markets before Ramadan


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” intensified its campaigns on economic establishments that’s activities are associated with the holy month of Ramadan in order to protect the markets. Such thig comes within SEDD’s concerns to ensure the provision of best services to the public in the emirate. Also, it falls within the Department’s mission to protect the consumers and market and to achieve economic development in the emirate of Sharjah. In addition, these campaigns coincides with the holy month of Ramadan thus to secure the markets in a way that ensures the protection of consumer rights as one of the priorities of the Department.