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SEDD Delegation participates in Singapore Intellectual Property Protection Workshop

A delegation from Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) participated in the (Intellectual Property Protection) workshop which was held in Singapore. The workshop was prepared in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Academy (IP Academy) in order to improve employee skills in the sector of control and commercial protection. Such a thing will help them to keep in touch with the recent developments and modern improvements in such vital sector. The workshop was held within specialized courses program organized by the Academy which serve as a consulting company for patent registration. The aim of this program was to protect the participants from fraud in cooperation with WIPO, an international organization aiming for providing the needed assistance to ensure the protection of creators and intellectual property owners around the world as well as to recognize inventors and authors and to reward them for their creativity. In addition, the organization works on many plans in cooperation with various government entities to combat the phenomenon of commercial fraud and trademark infringement, as well as providing administrative, commercial and legal advice. It is worth mentioning that the workshop included the challenges faced by government agencies to reduce the phenomenon of commercial fraud and academic proposals to reduce such phenomenon, too. Commenting on the participation, Ali Fadil, Head of Commercial Protection Department at SEDD, stated that the Department’s participation in this workshop comes in line with the efforts exerted to achieve the vision of the Department in the comprehensive development to achieve a diversified competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation. Also, it helps in attaining its strategic objectives in developing the services provided to clients and improving the efficiency of human resources as well as adopting the best practices in the procedures because of its importance in achieving sustainable development and completion for the emirate's economy at the regional and international levels. Furthermore, Ali Fadil stressed that the Commercial Control and Protection Department as well as its Commercial Officers works continuously to monitor the markets from all the negative phenomena. He also pointed out that the Department's keenness to continue carrying out awareness campaigns for consumers and to take the necessary measures against those who practice them. These practices can be achieved through the channels of communication provided by the Department either directly by calling 80080000 or by visiting the consumer protection website