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“SEDD”, “ESMA” organize Inspection Campaigns to Ensure Application of Measurement Units Used in UAE

Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), in cooperation with Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), conducted number of inspection campaigns in Sharjah. These campaigns were prepared in order to apply regulations for units of measurement using the meter unit instead of the “yard” unit. Such a thing is done in order to stress on the importance of boosting the economic growth and to go in line with its strategy to apply the best global practices.
In addition, SEDD carried out several inspection tours in the Sour market, which included shops for the sale of textiles, in order to provide all rights to consumers and prevent many cases of fraud and commercial fraud.
Also, the Economic Development Department in Sharjah pointed out that it has coordinated with (ESMA) to implement the Authority's directives regarding the cancellation of the use of the "War" unit when measuring the length of the sold fabrics and the use of the meter unit instead. The Department confirms that it works through the sector of commercial control and consumer protection to follow up the commitment of shops and markets to implement this decision.
Furthermore, SEDD called traders to commit to using the meter and using it as a means of measuring all their sales categories, stressing that the meter unit is the one of measurement recognized by the Department for the purposes of trade exchange.
Salem Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department at SEDD, said that these inspections aim to avoid duplication in the measurement units used, which may allow some to use them improperly. He pointed out that such a thing will allow the proper usage of the measurements and will ensure the rights of consumers and dealers in UAE generally and Sharjah particularly.  
AL Suwaidi stressed that the Department plays an awareness and monitoring role to ensure the credibility of the meter system through inspection tours organized by shops and companies. Also, it controls irregularities of non-compliant or manipulators in the measurement process to ensure compliance with such decisions to serve both merchant and consumer interests. In addition, Al Suwaidi stated that the unification of the unit of measurement in meters facilitates trade exchange, which contributes to strengthening and keeping pace with international practices that seek to remove barriers to intra-regional trade.
Moreover, Al Suwaidi called all traders, suppliers of textiles, outlets and shops to abide to the application of the meter as a unit of measurement rather than “yard”. He clarified that this step comes within the framework of the Department's efforts to ensure the existence of practices with approved standards and the regulatory and legislative role to protect the rights of consumers and traders.
Besides, AL Suwaidi called consumers to only deal with meter and to report any irregularities to SEDD. He stressed that the Department aims these campaigns to provide an environment that is suitable for investment and consumption, calling on all traders to abide by the laws and conditions adopted.