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SEDD conducts Awareness Campaigns to Ensure Compliance with Wedding Services Unified Contract


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” conducted awareness campaigns on wedding services shops in order to identify and affirm the commitment of the economic establishments to the unified contract for wedding services. Such thing aims to ensure the rights of all parties and achieves the best possible conditions in order to have a clear and transparent sale through clarifying all details of wedding services and specifying them using models, measurements or colors. Likely, in case of any amendment to the items, the amendment must be written and signed by all parties.

Commenting on that, HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, stated that the Department previously approved used car unified sales contract, which was successful. Thus, the number of complaints dropped to a very small percentage of 28 complaints during 2018, most of them related to the insurance only, and there was no complaint of a breach to the agreement.

Also, HE explained that the implementation of these contracts, came after increasing consumer complaints. This called for the development of a contract in a unified format to protect the interests of all parties, and contribute to reduce the number of complaints in large proportions.

Furthermore, HE clarified that the Department is keen on to develop the economic policies and legislations of the Emirate, in a way that does not contradict with the ones of the country. This come in order to achieve a diversified competitive knowledge-based economy within an attractive business environment and providing all services in accordance with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency. It should be noted that the new contracts adopted by SEDD aim for the continuous development of the Department's procedures.

From his side, Salim Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department, said that the awareness campaign the SEDD conducts on economic establishments related to wedding services are aimed at spreading awareness and confirming the commitment to implement the unified contract. This is done in order to reduce the negative practices as part of the Department's keenness to implement its comprehensive and organized field visits for the awareness and control campaigns on the markets of the Emirate. It should be noted that they are implemented throughout the year by a specialized team of qualified commercial officers.

Likely, Salim Al Suwaidi confirmed that the consumer is the first defense line. Also, he stressed on the importance of communicating with the Department in case of facing price manipulation or non-compliance with the laws. In addition, he emphasized on the importance of keeping the bill or receipt that is considered a reference to grant consumer rights and their wish to submit a complaint.

Moreover, he called all consumers to communicate with the Department when facing commercial fraud or any violation through calling the Department on 80080000, or SEDD’s social media account “Sharjaheconomic”. In addition, he added that they could place their complaint by visiting the consumer protection website All of this fall within the context of active participation in controlling markets and ensuring rights in order to take necessary actions.