Benchmarking Policy

Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” seeks to actively participate in achieving the economic strategic vision of Sharjah. Also, it contributes at the continuous development of all services and operations and to improve a competitive business environment. This is done through strengthening institutional capabilities to reach a diversified and sustainable competitive economy that achieves economic well-being for the business community in cooperation with all strategic partners locally and globally because all benchmarking practices have been adopted within the framework of international best practices.

In addition, SEDD is committed to working on identifying and selecting best practices locally, federally, regionally and internationally, and acquiring mutual knowledge with the parties involved in the benchmarking process. This is done in a way that goes in line with the strategic objectives and the concerns to develop and understand the internal and external environmental factors to determine the desired and expected goals of the benchmarking process with all approved visits, virtual meetings, and researches.
Accordingly, in order to achieve the strategic objectives of benchmarking, this policy has been published to all parties practicing benchmarking internally and externally, with at least the following considerations:

  1. Respecting intellectual property and copyright return mechanism for any acquired knowledge.

  2. Respecting privacy policies of all parties and stakeholders.

  3. Respecting confidentiality of information policy during benchmarking.

  4. Adopting competitiveness policy at local and federal levels.

  5. Respecting professional behavior policies at local and federal levels.

  6. Certifying all protocols for benchmarking meetings and ensuring full and effective adherence to them.