SEDD, Sharjah Islamic Bank discuss Cooperation


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” received a delegation from Sharjah Islamic Bank, in order to discuss ways of cooperation and to consolidate the strategic partnership between the two sides. This meeting aimed also to contribute to the further development of performance and the provision of services to customers to the private and government sectors. All of this was done in order to achieve integration, coordination and effective harmonization among them to provide the best services.

At the beginning of the meeting, Abdelaziz Omar Al Midfa, Deputy Director of Government Communication Department at SEDD, welcomed the delegation that was headed by Hassan Abdulaziz Al Midfa, Head of the Government Transactions Unit at the Bank. In addition, he praised such visit and its role in strengthening various cooperation relations and accelerating development processes. He pointed out that such thing is considered one of SEDD’s strategic objectives to reinforce coordination and cooperation to strive and to contribute constructively and positively to achieving sustainable economic development in the Emirate of Sharjah. Also, it falls within its plan to adapt with the economic changes in the local arena, which require the need to raise the rates of cooperation between various government and private agencies to keep pace with the latest changes and developments that will contribute to providing more services and facilities necessary for the business environment in the Emirate.

The two sides also discussed many issues of common interest, which are in the public interest. Likely, the delegation learned about the services provided by SEDD to facilitate the various procedures for customers and investors, as well as the coordination mechanisms it provides in cooperation with local and federal authorities to raise the level of business competitiveness. Such mechanisms included the continuous updating of procedures, the use of modern technologies such as electronic services, facilitating the practice of commercial activities, and strengthening channels of communication with customers. These all aimed at saving time and effort for business license holders to complete their transactions in the most efficient and easy way.

During the meeting, the Bank also reviewed the package of offers and exclusive facilities it offers, which allows obtaining added value for banking services and making optimal use of them. These offers comes from the Bank’s commitment to community service in order to contribute to the comprehensive development process.

Then, the Bank thanked the Department for their hospitality and affirmed their enthusiasm to enhance cooperation with it in a way that contributes to the development of the mutual work system to find outputs that serve all parties to improve the levels of service provided to investors. It illustrated that such thing contributes to the country's orientation towards building a strong and solid economy characterized by knowledge and sustainability, supports attracting foreign investments in all sectors, and enhances the country's competitiveness at the global level.

By the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed on the importance of increasing the level of coordination through holding periodic meetings, as this has a positive impact on improving the quality of services provided to the investor in the economic field in Sharjah.