Committed to provide its transactions through applications, online portal and service centers SEDD announces Readiness of Work at Distance


Sharjah Economic Development Department confirmed its readiness to activate the remote work system for some categories of employees, for a period of two weeks, which can be extended from Sunday 15 March 2020. Such thing is part of the precautionary and preventive measures against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is done in order to reinforce the series of preventive measures that UAE takes to ensure the health and safety of society, and in line with the decisions and circulars issued by the federal and local authorities in the country,

Commenting on that, His Excellency Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, stressed that the preventive measures taken by the Department aim to provide a healthy and sound environment for its employees. Also, it implemented all decisions related to official working hours and started its work remotely for some functional groups, benefiting from its advanced technical system and the readiness of its technology with international specifications, to ensure the smooth flow of work and the efficiency of procedures, within the framework of the digital transformation strategy. SEDD likely announced that the percentage of the digital transformation of SEDD services reached 100% since 2018, which are available through smart phones and electronic portals.  All of this is done to reach the strategic vision calling for leadership in comprehensive development in order to attain a diversified competitive and innovative knowledge-based economy, and in order to simplify procedures and regulate the practice and practice of economic activities of all kinds.

In addition, SEDD provides digital services to customers outside its main headquarter and other branches through service centers (Amaal) whereas its employees follow up remotely these services to maintain their health and safety in conjunction with the current situation. It should be noted that customers can access all services of the Department, including initial approval, reserving the trade name, printing the license, creating a new electronic account, renewing the license, updating the license owner's data, and reserving the date of the technical evaluation, and many others. The percentage of transactions through digital services and service centers reached an estimated growth of about 22% during the year 2019. Also,  the number of these centers reached 17 centers, which confirms the Department's success in the digital transformation process, which reached 100% for this year in the procedures. This is done in order to provide all the facilities and to deliver many channels to complete the transactions as quickly as possible to promote investments and achieve sustainable economic development in the emirate. It should be noted that the percentage of transactions completed through the service of the smart investor and service centers "Amaal" achieved a growth of 66% in the same year.