Trade Name Availability Inquiry

This service allows to check for the availability of  trade name that the customer wishes to reserve, to first ensure that it meets the Department’s requirements regarding the naming, and to verify in advance its availability.

  • Trade name must have an Arabic meaning, with the exception of:
    • o Names of branches of foreign companies registered abroad
    • o Names of company branches, whether local or foreign
    • • Names not allowed to be registered:
    • o Allah names unless it is a compound personal name
    • o The names of international (famous) companies unless the name is for a branch
    • o Names of local, Arab and international bodies, institutions and organizations
    • o Names that conflict with the trademarks registered in the country, unless the applicant is authorized to use them
    • o Names that contradict public order and morals in the country
    • o Names that are ambiguous or similar to registered names or that lead to misleading the public
    • • It is not permissible to choose the names of important landmarks in the country such as (UAE – Emirates – Abu Dhabi- Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman- Umm Al Quwain - Ras Al Khaimah - Fujairah - Burj Khalifa - Zabeel - Al Wasl) and may not be selected also in case it is associated with (city or village)
    • • The following names should not be given as well:

Olympic - Al Ittihad - Zulal - Al Arsah - Modern - New - Arabic - Al Qasba



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