Apply for the Ruwad Virtual Nursery Program

University and college students for the last two years before graduation and graduates wishing to enter the field of entrepreneurship at low costs to gain experience, and projects that do not need a permanent headquarters (specific activities) in the Emirate of Sharjah and its affiliated cities.

• Documents and personal documents:

1. Passport copy

2. Conclusion

3. ID card

4. Complete the registration form form

5. Project Summary

6. A letter requesting the incubator service

7. Curriculum vitae or the latest educational certificate

8. List of investor licenses from the Economic Department

* The first and second year 3000 dirhams for each year in a virtual location.

* The third and fourth year: 6000 dirhams for each year with a realistic project office.

* Fifth year facilitating obtaining an independent office in one of the business centers in the Emirate of Sharjah.

1. The project should be owned by a citizen, who owns and manages the project himself, in addition to the other conditions of the membership program.

2. The project should be within the economic activities specified by the Corporation, in coordination with the Department of Economic Development.

3. Providing the financial statements annually from the project owner, for review and analysis by the institution as a first stage, and through the accounts company as a second stage.

4. The beneficiary of the incubator is not entitled to rent or sell its virtual space.


1. The project is exempted from the fees of government agencies in the Emirate of Sharjah for a period of 3 years from the date of the establishment of the project, and if the project is in existence and has not completed 3 years, the project is exempted from the remaining period. **

2. Granting a percentage of no less than 10% of the annual purchases to government agencies for the benefit of the members of the institution. **

3. The project is exempted from all fees for awareness-raising workshops and training programs organized by the Foundation, and a 50% discount is granted from the fees participating in the diploma and specialized programs. **

4. The project gives priority to participation in exhibitions and conferences organized by the Foundation, as well as exhibitions and conferences organized by government agencies according to the capabilities available to the Foundation according to the project's activity. **

5. Providing the necessary consultancy for business development.

6. Creating and promoting opportunities for trade exchange between members of the “Ruwad” Foundation through the (Networking) initiative.

7. Availability of the accounting program (ERP) for projects supported by the Foundation, with a nominal subscription fee.

8. Obtaining a set of privileges offered by partners and private entities.

9. The possibility of extracting residencies for labor on the supported license with a maximum of 3 residencies, provided that the labor is available in the country and according to the economic activities approved in the incubator.

10. The possibility of integrating and involving the non-citizens category with professional and academic skills and specializations within the supported projects to gain and exchange experience, by entering the category of non-nationals as partners in the license after the end of the support period, provided that the age of the non-national partner does not exceed 35 years.

** (According to Executive Council Resolution No. 28 of 2017 AD regarding exempting projects supported by the “Ruwad” Foundation from fees.

* Computer design services.

* Designing computer systems and programs.

* Design of database systems.

* Designing websites.

* Design and production of advertisements.

* Fashion and clothing design.

* Consultations, studies and research in the field of economics.

* Consulting in the field of public relations.

* Consultations and economic feasibility studies.

* Consultations and administrative studies.

* Consulting and marketing studies.

* Human resource consultancy.

* Photography of parties and events.

* Organizing weddings.

* Organizing parties and events.

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