Consumer Protection Complaints

It is a service through which a complaint is submitted by the consumer against the establishments (commercial, professional, and industrial) in Sharjah. The service aims to regulate the relationship between  consumer and  merchant, decide on it and take the necessary measures.


Copy of  purchase invoice

Copy of contract

Copy  any documents proving the contract from the defendant

  • • Visit SEDD official website (
  • • Choose Consumer Protection and then choose a Service Agent Complaint
  • • Add complaint data and then the attachments
  • • Send verification code, then the complaint reference number will be sent
  • • Complaint will be examined and documents confirmed
  • • Send payment voucher

After receiving the receipt, an appointment will be set for the visit


Committee Decision

Sharjah Economic Development Department branches


Sharjah Economic Development Department website.


Tasheel's Service centers


Sharjah Economic Smart Application.



Sharjah Economic Development Department branches 7:30am To 3:30pm

Tasheel;s Service Centers 8:00am To 8:00pm

30 working days