Signboard Permit


Boards placed on shops carrying trade names or trademarks on them.

  • Trade name in signboard should be identical to the one in license.
  • Trade name font size should be 60% in Arabic and 40% in English of the signboard’s total area and the design should follow the one approved by the Department.
  • Signboard height must not exceed four feet and it can be allowed but with the conditions that the signboard should be consistent in it measurements to the nearby signboards of other stores in the same building or nearby buildings, taking into account the suitability of the structural and architectural form of the building.
  • Damaging signboard of nearby shops is forbidden.
  • Signboard should cover its entire area of the shop.
  • Distribute suitable schema for sign design that requires a statement, where the location, size, and the extent of the emergence of the signboards, the actual dimensions and sizes and any data or other information related to the content and the sizes of the sign that requires statement should be clarified. 
  • Signboard design.
  • Copy of valid license.
  • Valid Trade Name Certificate from the Ministry of Economy.
  • Submitting request to obtain signboard permit through e-services by approved calligraphers. 
  • When adding a picture that carries a logo of other institutions and companies, a non-objection letter is required as well as a copy of the trade name certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy and a copy of the commercial license that is owned by the brand. 
  • Submit an appropriate form for the required advertising design – permit indicating location, size and extent of the protrusion of the signboard, dimensions, actual sizes, and any other data or information related to the dimensions and content of the advertisement required to be declared.
  • Shop owner must adhere to the place designated in the building for placing signboard.
  • Providing a photograph of the facility or the location where the signboard will be placed is a must.


  • Signboard permit form. 
  • Signboard design template
  • Copy of valid license.
  • Photo of signboard location. 

Logo: AED 1000
Photo: AED 500
Colored background: AED 250
Main Signboard Height of more than 4 feet: ( H-4)*W*10
Additional Signboard: H*W*10
Side Signboard: H*W*20 (some activities)
Electronic Signboard: AED 1500 
Portable Electronic Signboard: AED 500
Screen: AED 500
Projection Screen: AED 1500Amending Permit Data: AED 500


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