Promotional Advertising Permit


Promotional Advertising Permit includes: flyers (one paper) – booklets (more than one page) – canvas – posters inside and on the front of the institution – propaganda CDs – others to introduce or promote company’s products 


  • Fill out permit form. 
  • Samples of advertising materials before printing, including the Arabic language and sizes. 
  • Copy of license if issued form Sharjah and there is no license for facility from Sharjah.  
  • No Objection Letter from entity at which the offer or distribution will be carried out (building, mall or shopping center, etc.).
  • Submitting promotional advertising request 7 days in advance through e services, service centers or the Department.

  • Flyer (one page): AED 250 (monthly)
  • Booklets (50 pages): AED 500 (monthly)
  • Booklets (more than 50 pages): AED 1000 (monthly)
  • Canvas: AED 250 (monthly)
  • Posters: AED 250 (monthly)
  • Promotional CDs: AED 250 (monthly)
  • Logo: AED 500 (annually)
  • Permanent Promotional Poster: AED 1200 (annually)
  • Amending Permit Data: AED 500

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