Guide to establishing a legal person

Branches of existing and licensed companies in any emirates, except for foreign branches and free zone. They can practice activities related to the main branch and license in accordance with applied laws of Economic Development Department.

Individuals – Institutions – Companies

  1. Copy of license and register certificate for main company (headquarter)
  2. Copy of Memorandum of Association certified by the head office and its appendices, if any, along with the legal translation if necessary.
  3. Certified copy of the company's articles of association
  4. Minutes of meeting or Board of Directors Decision approving the opening of branch with legal translation if necessary
  5. Power of Attorney for company representative
  6. Translating and certifying all documents from UAE embassy in the foreign country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in UAE.
  7. Issuing the initial approval through the channels available at e services or service centers
  8. Fingerprint of investors or their legal representatives at the service center or minutes of meeting certified by the main company

Certifying lease contract from Sharjah City Municipality

  1. Issuing commercial licenses, a minimum of AED 1100
  2. Approving advertisement specification form fees, a minimum of AED 200 (taking into account the difference in fees according to the signboard data)
  3. Issuing commercial register certificate AED 4000
  4. Taking into account the collection of fees on the rental value
  5. Taking into account the collection of fees of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry System

All industrial and commercial in addition to some professional activities.

1. Sharjah City Municipality

2. Approvals of other authorities depending on activity

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