Special approvals for certain activities

Presses- Video shops- Computer programs- Silk-screen Propaganda and advertising- TV production- Concert organizing

Private institutes and schools- Sport training centers- Sport service centers

Private hospitals- clinics, pharmacies- drug stores-Lenses and eyeglasses centers- pharmaceuticals and medical herbs, cosmetics import and trade companies - health, fitness and massage centers -private schools-sports training centers.

Farms-fodder trade agricultural and flower seedlings- organic fertilizers- pets, predators and extinct animals - imported fish trade.

Accountants- insurance and reinsurance-companies and branches of foreign companies

Law offices- legal translation

Transportation,-car rental-sewage siphonin

Gold trade- banks- seal and key industry- karate and weightlifting training- used furniture shops.

Banks- Equity deliberating companies- Stock Exchange.

Companies selling equipment and firefighting tools and materials- factories

Travel and tourism-shipping and customs clearance-air carriers- flight training-aerial surveys- the leasing of aircraft.

Customs clearance-shipping-ship maintenance and marine engineering-ship supply- cruise ships agents- vessel trade

Trade of wireless devices and maintenance.

University Services- private universities.

Social Affairs - incubators-bringing labour service and nannies.

Haj and Umrah.

Teaching Recognition of the Holy Quran.

Express mail- delivery of papers and documents.

Extending gas pipelines-drilling artesian wells

For foreign banks.

Farms in some areas.

Networks specialized in the construction of communications.

Trade of devices of the disabled and those with special needs.

Licenses of foodstuffs and physical fitness.

Pest control, cleaning buildings.

In cases of the leasing sites in the markets of the municipality, Hotels and furnished apartments.

Trade of chemicals, factories, workshops.

Internal transport buses, international transport buses and driving training.

Shares bonds and purchase brokers.

Factories to issue industrial production certificate.

TV stations