Trade Name Cancellation

This service enables companies to cancel the reservation of trade name. The owner of the reserved trade name can apply for this service in advance to cancel the trade name owned by him/her.

1. Applying for service.

2. Obtain Approvals from Concerned Sections/ Determining fees.

3. Paying fees/ Receiving fees. 

  • 1. Applying for service.

  • Summary

    Cancellation of trade name is a confirmation by the investor to waiver the trade name that is reserved before. The beneficiaries from this service are investors, businessmen inside and outside Sharjah, as well as registered institutions and companies.

  • Details of Procedures

    Fill in trade name cancellation form. 

  • Required Documents

    •  Trade Name Cancellation Form.
    •  Presence of concerned parties or their legal representatives.
    • Documents should be audited and checked by the Commercial Legal Affairs Section at the Department to ensure the completion of all Commercial Legal procedures on the license.

  • Service Channels

    • SEDD branches – Commercial Permits Section.
    • SEDD website.
    • Service centers.
    • SEDD application

  • Tel.


  • Details of Procedures

    Concerned customer service employee should perform the necessary audit and issue the payment voucher.

  • 2. Obtain Approvals from Concerned Sections/ Determining fees.

  • Tel.


  • Details of Procedures

    • Applicant should pay the fees due and receive trade name cancellation certificate.