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Welcome to the official website of the Sharjah Economic Development Department. The following are the terms and conditions that govern your use of and access to the website’s main pages, as well as their subpages, links, tools and features. By using the website, you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement, which include all the details stated below, as well as your compliance with the content of this website agreement. This agreement is effective upon your acceptance. 
Account and Sign-up Terms
Once the website membership sign-up application is submitted, you will be asked to provide specific information and choose a username and a password to be used to access the website. Upon approving your sign-up request, you will be granted membership on this website, and you therefore agree to the following:
  • You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password upon completion of the sign up process and shall also be responsible for any activities that you undertake under your username.

  • By signing up on the website you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information to us.

  • You may not access another user’s data without their written consent.

  • You may not use another username to access the website.

  • You shall be obligated to maintain and update your registration details consistently to ensure they remain true, correct, current and complete. If the information you provide is false, incorrect, old, incomplete or violates what is stated in the user agreement, then we shall have the full right to suspend, limit or cancel your membership and your account on this website.

  • You understand that the website of the Sharjah Economic Development Department is an electronic and technological platform that allows you to perform a variety of transactions for commercial establishments.

  • You agree to provide any information or documents upon request.

  • Some sections of this website are accessible only by registered members.

  • Using inappropriate usernames is prohibited.

  • We may terminate your access to or use of this website without notice if you violate these terms and conditions and shall resort to all means available to prevent your access to the website.

Using the Website:
​​​​​By accessing this website, you agree not to:
  • Using the website or any of the services it provides for any illegal or prohibited purpose in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of this website.

  • Using the website to defame or offend others or discredit the Economic Development Department

  • Publish or distribute or send emails regarding illegal materials or materials that conflict with intellectual property rights.

  • Download any files or emails that contain viruses, computer codes, or any other software that might harm or damage the website or the computer and its software.

  • Collect and store personal information of others.

  • Change or destroy any content available on the website.

  • We retain the right to monitor, delete, remove, or edit any content that you (the user) add to the website if such content violates these terms and conditions.

Email Communication:
You agree to be contacted via e-mail, or through promotional advertisements on the website. You also agree that all electronic agreements, advertisements, data and other communications provided to you serve the same purpose as their written counterparts with respect to fulfilling legal requirements. During the period of your membership, we will send promotional emails to you to inform you of any changes or any new procedures or promotions that may be added to the website.
Intellectual Property Rights:
All copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in all of the materials available on the website (including but not limited to, images, audio, graphics, reports, files, software, data, applications, information, text, video, logos, models, artwork and other materials or motion pictures, etc.) included in or accessible through the website are the property of the Economic Development Department.
You may display any content available on this website, or store, or print the documents on this website for personal, non-commercial use only, including files that can be stored electronically. However, you may not:
  • Store and display these files through a server that is linked to another electronic network.

  • Modify the documents and files available on the website.

  • Modify, copy, or reproduce the contents of this website for commercial purposes without the Economic Development Department’s written consent.