Special Approvals for Certain Activities

  • Ministry of Education and youth

    Private institutes and schools- Sport training centers- Sport service centers

  • Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development

    Sports training centers

  • National Media council

    Presses- Video shops- Computer programs- Silk-screen Propaganda and advertising- TV production- Concert organizing

  • Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

    Farms and feed trade, agricultural seedlings, flowers and organic fertilizers - Pets, extinct and prey - Trade of imported fish - Sale of veterinary medicines

  • Ministry of Health

    Private hospitals - clinics - pharmacies, drug stores - eyeglasses and lens fitting - pharmaceutical factories - import companies - fitness, health, massage and massage centers

  • The Ministry of Economy

    Accountants - foreign companies and branches

  • Traffic committee

    Transportation - car rental - Driving

  • Ministry of Justice

    Law Firms - Legal Translation

  • Insurance Authority

    Insurance, re-insurance

  • The Central Bank

    Banks - banks - stock exchange companies - stock exchange

  • Sharjah Police

    Gold trading - Seals and keys manufacturing - used furniture buying and selling shops

  • Ports and Customs Department

    Customs Clearance - Maritime Navigation - Ship Maintenance and Marine Engineering - Ship Supply - Maritime Shipping - Agents of Ships and Boats and Ships Trade - Customs

  • Civil Aviation

    Travel and tourism - Air freight - Air transport companies - Aviation training - Air survey - Aircraft rental

  • General Administration of Civil Defense

    Firms selling firefighting equipment, tools and materials - factories

  • Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority

    Gas pipeline extension - Artesian well drilling - Central air conditioning stations - Electricity distribution networks and stations - Water stations

  • Emirates Post Group

    Courier - delivery of documents and documents

  • Islamic Affairs and Endowments Department

    Hajj and Umrah - The Holy Quran and Sunna Foundation - Teaching and Memorizing the Holy Quran

  • Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

    Trade devices and tools for the disabled and people with special needs

  • Planning and Survey Department

    Doing commercial activities in residential and agricultural areas - renting parking lots

  • Central Finance Department

    For foreign banks

  • Municipality Department of Environment

    Pest control - Building cleaning - Chemical trading - Factories - Workshops

  • Technical department

    Contracting and engineering consulting

  • Municipal Health Department

    Cheap foodstuffs - selling cosmetics, laundry and ironing

  • Municipality Finance Department

    In cases of leasing to sites in the municipal markets

  • Finance and industry

    Factories to extract (industrial production certificate)

  • Securities and Commodities Authority

    Stock and bond brokers

  • Roads and Transport Authority

    Transporting passengers by public buses within the city - Transporting passengers by public buses between cities - Transporting passengers by taxi - Transporting passengers with luxury cars - Transporting passengers by rental buses securities and goods

  • Real Estate Registration Department

    Real estate

  • Commercial and Tourist Development Authority

    Hotels - aparthotels

  • Sharjah TV

    TV stations

  • The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority RTA

    Retail sale of electronic chip