SEDD releases 2020 Annual Report


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” released its annual report for the year 2020, which includes the most important developments and events in the economic sectors and the procedures and legislation taken by the Department in all sectors and activities. Such this was done to provide a comprehensive tool for dealers in the economic sectors in Sharjah and to inform them of the most important results it has achieved in confirmation of its efforts aimed at achieving its vision. This was done to make the Emirate of Sharjah the first economic destination locally and regionally in terms of innovation, confidence and happiness.

The report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the performance of the industrial and economic sectors by analyzing all aspects of performance of various economic and operational indicators that affect the performance of the sector in the Emirate of Sharjah and determine its future trends. Also, the current version is evidence of the strategic planning methodology adopted by SEDD in previous years, in order to achieve more goals sought by the comprehensive and sustainable development process at the local and federal levels.

Commenting on that, HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, emphasized that these efforts aim to enhance the process of economic growth and prosperity, keep pace with global economic developments, and enhance the development process of the Emirate. Such thing is done in a way that reflects and implements the vision of the wise leadership aimed at achieving economic diversification, enhancing the role of the non-oil sectors, and developing an attractive business environment for investment in the Emirate.

In addition, HE pointed out Sharjah to attain many achievements in 2020 with a balanced and sustainable economic performance, whereas it has provided economic stimuli in two phases, totaling about one billion dirhams. Such thing was in an attempt to enhance the continuity of development in various fields and mitigate the economic and social impacts that the world witnessed during the last period, which enhanced the durability of the economic and industrial sectors. HE also explained that that SEDD would continue to work on number of sectors and areas, not only economic activities and aspects, through business matchmaking processes, the use of smart investor techniques, the use of distinguished partners and digital technologies. Likely, the Department would adopt the application of government accelerators and quality continuity management for business continuity management, which ensures the quality of the performance of digital services in the business environment, and the development in the areas of human capital in building innovative capabilities and investing in citizenship capabilities in universities.

From her side, Noura Yousef bin Sandal, Deputy Director of the Planning and Economic Studies Department, said that the issuance of the annual report is an important event that keeps pace with the renaissance witnessed by the emirate, which requires the availability of data, statistics and analyzes for investors and decision-makers. The report specifies the most important economic indicators in Sharjah with the aim of documenting the economic developments and visions of the Emirate. This, in turn, makes it easier for the various parties to view the annual report and to elicit the prospects and future of development in the emirate and document the economic progress of the Emirate by monitoring and recording all progresses and changes that are achieved annually at the level of various activities and sectors. Such thing reflects the efforts made to promote economic and social development by applying the wise directives of His Highness Ruler of Sharjah, in adopting economic policies that support economic growth and achieving sustainable development, as well as creating the appropriate climate to activate investments in the various productive and service sectors. She pointed out that the annual report confirms that Sharjah has made great strides in the field of economic diversification and has achieved a high level of development and progress under a wise leadership that seeks to use the available energies and resources to achieve the best achievements.

On the other hand, Shamma Al Nuaimi, Deputy Head of Economic Planning Section at SEDD and project manager of the report, confirmed that the annual report devoted enough space to track the local economy in general and the economic indicators of the emirate in particular. She explained that the tenth annual report, which was titled (Sustainability during Phase of Challenge), includes seven main themes covering all aspects that Department adopts. The first chapter came under the title “Business Continuity during Pandemic”. The second chapter was entitled “Continuous & Sustainable Economic Planning. As for the third chapter, it was titled “Strategic Planning & Quality Performance”. Then, the fourth chapter was about “Exceptional Performance in Digitization & Technology”. Later on, the fifth chapter was about “Supporting Consumer & Investor”. After that, the sixth chapter was titled “Distinguished Strategic Partnership”. As for the last chapter, it was about “Ambitious Cadres”.