SEDD Confirms Monitoring Sharjah Markets and Readiness of its Employees for Emergency Cases


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” has intensified its control campaigns on economic establishments whose activities are linked to the health and safety of society, in line with the decisions and circulars issued by the federal and local authorities in UAE to take the necessary precautions. Such thing was done after the decision to close all cinemas, amusement parks, amusement and electronic games centers, bodybuilding and fitness gyms from16th of this month to the end of March 2020, as part of the measures taken by the country to prevent Coronaviruses (COVID-19).

SEDD started inspection campaigns to verify compliance with this circular, in order to monitor and protect the markets. This come within SEDD concerns to ensure the provision of the best services to citizens and residents in the emirate in various regions. Also, it comes in a manner that guarantees protection of consumer rights as one of the Department's priorities and within its strategy to spread awareness to maintain public health in Sharjah.

Commenting on that, Salem Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department at SEDD, confirmed that the Department continues to respond to the crisis (Coronaviruses) by working on controlling the virus. He confirms the readiness of its cadres to deal with various situations and emerging developments within the framework of the Department’s work in monitoring and regulating markets. He clarified that the Commercial Officers at SEDD carries out the inspection campaigns and visits to the emirate's markets, sales outlets, societies and pharmacies in the country. Such thing is done to address any manipulation in raising the prices of medical masks, disinfectants and other personal and safety equipment in the country. Likely, it works to prevent exploitation by raising prices, and works to inform merchants and sellers in those markets of the need to develop lists that clarify the prices of products to consumers. , In addition SEDD intensify on on the importance of complying with the laws, ensuring the consumer’s knowledge of the value of consumer goods, including prices, and preventing any excesses in the selling process.

Also, he called all consumers to communicate with the Department when facing such problem or any violation through calling the Department on 80080000, or SEDD’s social media account “Sharjaheconomic” or consumer protection website  . In addition, he added that they could place their complaint by visiting the consumer protection website All of this fall within the context of active participation in controlling markets and ensuring rights in order to take necessary actions.