SEDD organizes Entrepreneurs First Online Exhibition


In order to support national sectors and entrepreneurs commercial projects, Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) organized the first electronic exhibition with the participation of a number of exhibitors in order to overcome and provide an incubating and stimulating investment environment for them to enable creativity and excellence. This exhibition comes to enhance SEDD role in the field of e-commerce. This comes in line with the current situation at the world and its effect in all sectors to open new opportunities in e-commerce field.

Commenting on that, Muntaha AlMuallem, Head of Business Development Scection at SEDD, affirmed that supporting the national sector and commercial projects for national entrepreneurs and the domestic sector comes within the strategic plans of SEDD. Such plans is based on the development of the economic sectors and to highlight and support them. Also, he indicated that organizing such exhibitions that are specialized in presenting and marketing products and services contributes greatly to spreading the culture of entrepreneurship.

Likely, she illustrated that this initiative would contribute to advancing the economy in the emirate, revitalizing commercial transactions and encouraging young entrepreneurs to compete, whether at the local or international level.

Moreover, Al Muallem added that the exhibition provides an opportunity to experience e-promotion and selling, which gradually enhances their confidence, experiences and convictions in the digital transformation of their business. This would help to keep pace with business development now and in the future.  Likely, she stressed that the success of this experience will be first step for the development process of a new business sector, which is holding e-commerce exhibitions and fairs. Additionally, she mentioned that anyone who is interested could visit the exhibition via @EITIMAD_Sedd on social media to view the exhibits and buy the products.