SEDD honors Workers


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” embodied its commitment to the values of tolerance in conjunction with International Labor Day, which falls on the first of May, by distributing purchase vouchers provided by Sharjah Cooperative Society to all workers and employees of the Department.

His Excellency Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, affirmed that UAE is a global model for caring and protecting workers and their rights, as they are an important segment of the society that have a significant role and contributions in various fields of work.

HE added that this occasion coincides as well with Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, which is an important annual occasion in UAE. During this day, many charitable and humanitarian initiatives are launched that billions of people around the world benefit from. This represents the approach of the late Sheikh Zayed, who established the rules of humanitarian work and extended his hands to all needy in the world.

Also, HE pointed out that the International Labour Day is an appropriate opportunity to honor workers and to highlight the high values of tolerance and acceptance of others, which are among the humanitarian principles and noble values that our generous leadership established, as they are considered a major party in the production process and a partner in development and contributing to all achievements in the country.

From his side, Abdelaziz Omar Al Midfa, Deputy Director of Government Communication Department, said that honoring workers coincides with Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, which is a national occasion that falls in Ramadan every year, to consolidate the humanitarian work that the founder late Sheikh Zayed had taught us.

Likely, Al Midfa explained that this event consolidates the values of love, intimacy, tolerance and giving among all segments and groups of society, as well as reinforcing the country’s’ laws and policies that guarantee human rights. Also, it comes in line with the wise leadership's approach to express loyalty to everyone who serves the nation and contributes to the development of its path and its urban renaissance.

In addition, Al Midfa stressed that this honor comes within the framework of appreciation for the role of workers and employees who make good efforts to perform their jobs to the fullest and contribute sincerely and seriously to the work process.