In respect of Executive Regulation to the Federal Law no. 24 of 2006
Protection of Consomers
The Council of Ministers approved the executive regulations of Consumer Protection Law No. 24 of 2006, pursuant to its Resolution No. 12 of 2007. The decision included the issue of the abnormal increase and the mechanism for dealing with it, in addition to clarifying the cases described as monopoly that violate the laws of the state. The regulation also included consumer rights, supplier obligations and penalties. consequences for violators of the said law. Below is the full text of the regulation:

Definitions of Article (1)

In applying the provisions of this regulation, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings shown against each of them unless the context requires otherwise:
Country: The United Arab Emirates.
The Ministry: The Ministry of Economy.
Minister: The Minister of Economy.
Committee: The Higher Committee for Consumer Protection.
The Department: The Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry.
Competent Authority: The competent local authority in the concerned emirate that is entrusted with implementing the provisions of Law No. (24) of 2006 and these Regulations.
Approved Standard Specifications: Specifications approved by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology.
Consumer: Every natural or legal person who obtains a good or service, with or without a consideration, to satisfy his personal need or the needs of others.
Provider: Every natural or legal person who provides service or information, manufactures, distributes, trades, sells, imports, exports, or interferes in its production or circulation.
Principal Provider: The producer or provider that supplies goods and services to distributors without consumers.
Advertiser: Every natural or legal person who advertises or promotes a good or service using various means of advertising and publicity.
Commodity: An industrial, agricultural, animal or transformative product, including the raw materials and components included in the product.
Service: Every work provided by any entity to the consumer, whether it was done with or without pay.
Price: The selling price, rent or use price of the good or service.
Refund: Withdrawal of the commodity in the event that a defect is proven to appear in it, through the supplier or through the concerned authority in the state, in the country of origin or any other country.
Refunded Goods: Goods that are withdrawn within the country, from the country of origin, or from any other country.
Defect: Any defect in the design, processing, or manufacture of the commodity, or inappropriateness, deformation, or damage that occurs or appears before or during use, or as a result of its non-conformity or insufficient compliance with the approved standard specifications, warranty, or specifications announced or to be announced by the supplier. or for any confirmation or advertisement connected to or installed on the Goods.
Warranty: A written or implicit acknowledgment issued by the provider or his representative that the commodity or service subject of the warranty is free of defects and conformity to the approved standard specifications and his pledge to repair any defect or defect that occurs to the commodity or service within a specified period.
Durable Good: A good that can be used or used for several years.