Liquidation Permit

Offering discounts on displayed products at different rates or one percentage, paying into account the importance of placing selling price before and after discount. 


  • It is authorized to carry out liquidation when: canceling license – changing activity type - leaving trading in one or more types.
  • It is not permitted to make liquidation when canceling a branch or moving.
  • * Liquidation is permitted for a period of 30 days and may be extended for another 30 days.
  • The price list and invoices should be left for checking in the concerned department.
  • If the applicant for a liquidation permit wishes to obtain the permit during the initial cancellation period, i.e. before obtaining the final cancellation document from the Legal Affairs Department, or if the license cancellation procedures are delayed, this applicant must deposit with the liquidation request a cash guarantee of 5,000 dirhams. This amount will be returned upon submitting the final cancellation letter. It is required to submit the final letter within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of expiry of the liquidation permit; otherwise, the amount will not be refunded.

Everything related to the liquidation must be removed within 24 hours by the end of the permit period

  • Fill out permit form
  • Fill in the price list.
  • Letter of liquidation request in Arabic.
  • Submitting liquidation request 7 days in advance through e services, service centers or the Department. 
  • Samples of advertising materials before printing, including the Arabic language, and a sample of liquidation card.

  • Liquidation: AED 2000
  • Extending liquidation for 15 days: AED 2000
  • Liquidation card: AED 50 (100 cards)
  • Additional fees are required for promotional advertisements
  • Amending Permit Data: AED 500 

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