Applying for Membership Program

Owners of small and medium enterprises in the Emirate of Sharjah and its affiliated cities

• Personal documents:

1. Request addressed to “RUWAD” Foundation.

2. Summary of the project idea.

3. Copy of a valid passport.

4. Copy of family book.

5. Copy of a valid Emirates ID.

6. Copy of the academic qualification and certificate.

7. Biography (CV).

8. Investor licenses statement (issued by Sharjah Economic Development Department - SEDD).

9. Owner's register in establishments (issued by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation)

• Project documents (for existing projects)

1. Copy of current commercial license.

2. Copy of current lease contract.

3. Copy of current membership in Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

4. Financial data for the project.

• AED 2,000 annually for the first 3 years for a 100% exemption.

• AED 1,000 annually for the fourth and fifth year and a 50% exemption

1. Project must be owned by UAE citizens.

2. Project should be located in the Emirate of Sharjah or its affiliated cities.

3. Submit the project documents in accordance with the requirements of the program requested by the project from "RUWAD" Foundation.

4. Submit a feasibility study for the project.

5. The number of licenses owned by both the applicant and the partners should not exceed five licenses.

6. Project founding date should not exceed 3 years.

1. The project is exempted from the fees of government agencies in the Emirate of Sharjah for a period of 3 years from the date of establishing the project. If the project is and existing one and has not completed 3 years, it is exempt from the rest of these fees. Also, exempting projects from 50% of government agency fees for an additional two years.

2. Providing no less than 10% of annual purchases to federal and local government agencies for the benefit of Emirati small and medium enterprises.

3. The project is exempt from all fees of awareness workshops and training programs organized by the Foundation. In addition, it is provided with a 50% discount from the fees involved in diploma and specialized programs.

4. The project grants priority to participation in exhibitions and conferences organized by the Foundation, as well as exhibitions and conferences organized by government agencies according to the capabilities available.

5. Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation: (classifying the facility as a first-class facility in an incentive program).

6. Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology - Conformity and Standardization Services Sector: (Exemption from fees for quality mark certification).

7. Expo Centre Sharjah: (50% discount from participation fees in exhibitions and events).

8. Providing investment opportunities for member projects, which are provided by the Foundation in cooperation with strategic partners.

9. Providing the necessary consultancy and business development.

10. Creating and promoting opportunities for trade exchange between members of the “RUWAD” Foundation through (Tashbeek) initiative.

11. Providing an electronic platform for suppliers and service providers during Expo 2020 Dubai that will last after the event.

12. Providing the accounting program (ERP) for projects supported by the corporation at a nominal subscription fee.

13. Obtaining a set of privileges offered to partners:

• Ministry of Climate Change and Environment: (various facilities)

• Sharjah Finance Department

• Al Tunaiji Real Estate o Alef Group – Al Mamsha Project

• Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre “Tahkeem”

• Sharjah Investors Services Center (SAEED)

• Discount on rental fees in all store centers, Sharjah Cooperative Society, Al Rahmaniyah Mall and Al Suyouh Mall.

Sharjah Economic Development Department branches

Sharjah Economic Development Department website.

Tasheel's Service centers

Sharjah Economic Smart Application.



Sharjah Economic Development Department branches 7:30am To 3:30pm

Tasheel's Service Centers 8:00am To 8:00pm

3 working days 


1. What are the required documents?

2. What is the benefit of the membership?

3. What is the cost of service?