Juridical Person Establishment Guide


  • Establishing Civil Company for UAE and GCC citizens.
  • Establishing Civil Company for foreigners – service agent.

t is the company in which two or more partners practice professional activities, for example sewing clothes, beauty salons, consulting or training, etc.

Also, it is the agreement concluded between the partners in the professional licensing, which organizes and defines the shares of each of them and preserves their material rights.

Individuals - Juridical Person

  1. Issuing initial approval through the channels available at e‑services or service centers
  2. Signing civil company contract
  3. Fingerprint of investors or their legal representatives at the service center

  1. Two or more persons (UAE or GCC citizens) may establish a civil company to practice a professional activity
  2. Two or more persons (foreigner) may establish a civil company to practice a professional activity. However, UAE citizen as a service agent or partner should be presented.
  3. Approval of lease contract from Sharjah City Municipality is  a must.
  4. Approval of lease contract from Sharjah Civil Defence is  a must.
  5. Approval of concerned authorities depending on activity.

  1. ees for issuing / renewing licenses, a minimum of AED 800 for UAE citizen / AED 1300 for foreigners 
  2. Permit fees for placing trade name signboard AED 200
  3. Approving advertisement specification form fees, a minimum of AED 200 (taking into account the difference in fees according to the signboard data)
  4. Issuing commercial register certificate fees AED 500
  5. Certifying service agent contract fees AED 550
  6. Certifying civil company contract fees AED 550
  7. Taking into account the collection of fees on the rental value (for citizens 8% and for foreigners 13%)

Taking into account the collection of fees of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry System

  1. Sharjah City Municipality
  2. Approval from concerned authorities depending on activity

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