Commercial Fraud Complaint - Trademarks


Owners of trademarks and commercial agencies submit complaints of infringement of trademarks, commercial agencies and commercial fraud. After receiving and looking into the complaints, the fee is collected and procedures are taken to visit the facility against which the complaint is made, and a report of the seizure of goods or a report of a negative incident is issued. The complaints are referred to the Committee for Combating Commercial Fraud and Dispute Resolution of the Department to issue a decision.

Brand Owners

  • Copy of trademark certificate 
  • Valid commercial agency issued by Ministry of Economy.
  • Notarized power of attorney if someone other than its owner submits the complaint.
  • Original and counterfeit samples for examination only and return them to the complainant immediately after the examination when the complaint was registered. Also, a report showing the similarities between the original and counterfeit samples provided.

  • AED 2000 for one trademark - one site in addition to AED 500 for each additional site (commercial fraud complaints).
  • AED 1250 for infringement of trademark and commercial agency in addition to AED 500 dirhams for each additional site (infringement of trademark and commercial agency)

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